Although Sis Xiang repeatedly declined, Mo Qianni still paid, and even stuffed a few hundred dollars more for Sis Xiang. Saying that it was for Sis Xiang’s children. Sis Xiang seemed to understand Mo Qianni’s crabby temperament, and since she couldn’t keep declining forever, she could only accept it.

When the two walked back towards the car park, Mo Qianni was a little preoccupied, and quietly walked forward.

When they reached the car, the surrounding cobblestone appeared spacious and still under the dusky street lights.

Suddenly, Mo Qianni turned around, her limpid eyes stared fixedly at Yang Chen. Under the night lights, her pretty face looked a lot more exhausted.

“What’s wrong?” Yang Chen felt that something was going on with Mo Qianni, but he could never guess what a woman was thinking, so he had no choice but to remain silent with her.

“Can I hug you……”


Mo Qianni replied Yang Chen with open arms and a hug.

Yang Chen didn’t reject or dodge it, when Mo Qianni’s cool and smooth arms wrapped around his neck, a sweet body scent entered his nose along with the smell of alcohol. While below his chest, Yang Chen could clearly feel Mo Qianni’s pair of large round lumps, flexible yet soft.

Hesitating for a while, Yang Chen sighed, sympathetically opened his arms, and held Mo Qianni’s jade back, gently stroking it.

In this night the two were like a pair of lovers, embracing in a deserted place, enjoying their time together that was hard to come by.

“Actually, you can tell me if there’s something wrong, perhaps I can help you, like I did during the day.” Yang Chen muttered.

Mo Qianni burrowed her face into Yang Chen’s chest, rubbed on it a little, and equivocally replied, “Don’t say anything, don’t ask anything, just let me hug for a while, a while is enough……”

In a daze, this embrace seemed to last very long, but when the two separated, they felt that only a moment passed.

Mo Qianni stroked her hair, a little red in the face as she bashfully looked at Yang Chen, “Thank you, let’s go back.”

“For a beauty to throw herself into my arms, I consider that a blessing.”

“I know that you didn’t have such thoughts.” It was unknown whether it was intentional as Mo Qianni looked at Yang Chen’s bottom, “Unless you don’t have that capability.”

Yang Chen’s face froze. These days, trying to be a clean and honest man is hard, this woman is too naughty, she’s even taking note of any physiological changes on me!

After returning to Yu Lei International in Mo Qianni’s car, Yang Chen said goodbye to her, then hastily drove back to the hospital. Although Lin Ruoxi said that she had completely given up on her father, Lin Kun, she still had to be informed of Lin Kun going insane.

It was already past 10 in the evening when he arrived at the hospital. Other than the nurses on duty, there was practically no one else to be seen. When he walked up to the door of Lin Ruoxi’s ward, he noticed that the lights were still on, and thought that Lin Ruoxi was still awake. When he opened the door, he realized he guessed wrongly.

The table lamp on the bedside table was on, but Lin Ruoxi who laid on the bed was fast asleep, sleeping sideways on the pillow, in her hands was a book regarding the market’s economy. On her upper body she wore a pair of loose blue pajamas with white lines, and her messy hair covered half her face, revealing a delicate side to her that cannot be seen during ordinary times.

It was difficult to imagine that a young lady like this was the CEO of a well-known company, on her thin and weak shoulders she beared the burden of thousands of employees worldwide.

When he thought of this, Yang Chen admired his own wife.

Feeling that the air-conditioning in the room was a little cold, Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi fell asleep while reading a book, the upper half of her body was out of the blanket, and he couldn’t help but worry that she might catch a cold.

Thinking for a moment, he stealthily walked to the side of the bed, calmly supported Lin Ruoxi’s head, removed the back cushion, then let Lin Ruoxi’s head rest against the pillow below.

Subsequently, he slowly pulled the blanket up till it covered Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders, then carefully tucked it into the sides of the bed, ensuring no cold air entered.

Right at this moment, the sleeping Lin Ruoxi drowsily opened her eyes, and looked at Yang Chen with a little confusion.

Despite her just quietly staring at him, Yang Chen could feel the depth and clarity within that pair of eyes, and couldn’t help but blankly stare back. “What is the fundamental nature of law? It’s simply a tool to rule over the social classes. Law is the materialization of the will of the ruling class. Law is a way by which the ruler will regulate every part of society.”

Back in China of my original world, every law student who just started to study law would have to learn this definition regarding the fundamental nature of law.

Maybe since China was deeply influenced by Communist thinking, China’s definition of law was also filled with class conflict.

“Law is a tool for the ruling class to control the social classes.”

Back in China, this was considered the public opinion, orthodoxy, and a definite. In fact, most legal scholars and those in the law profession viewed this as a maxim… but, at least in my opinion, that wasn’t everything there was to law.

It was quite evident that such a definition of law could only become reality after a country and social classes were formed. But, what about a society that was still unstructured, such as a primitive society that didn’t have written or systematic rules? In that case, weren’t the basic social norms the same as laws?

My old world’s definition of law was endlessly battered in this new world where many different intelligent species coexisted together.

For instance, to use the Silver Dwarves as an example, they were abnormally successful in realizing equality for everyone in the tribe. They had no officials or tribe leaders, yet they were abnormally strict in obeying the tribe’s rules. In that case, since there wasn’t even a ruling class in the Silver Dwarves species, the classical Chinese definition of law was nothing more than a joke.

Another example would be the Antmen, a minority species. Every single Antman would be born for the sake of serving the Ant Queen. But actually, the Antmen had no self will at all. The Antmen had successfully connected all of their wills as one. There was only actually one mind for an entire Antmen tribe. If there was only one person in the entire tribe, then it would be quite difficult to say who was ruling whom. It was also quite common for the Ant Queen to be sacrificed.

There were also undead tribes, as well as dragons who had even stranger societal structures…

Such situations were actually quite common. In this world, orderly societal structures like the humans’ and elves’ societies with nobles and commoners as separate social classes were actually in the minority. I had witnessed countless societal structures which were even stranger than that of the Silver Dwarves’ before.

Since the majority of species hadn’t constructed countries for themselves, continuing to use social class theory as the basis for law would obviously be nothing more than a joke.

If I still used such a legal theory as basis, then the idea of “unjust laws are still laws” from my original world would only become an ever more vicious debate that would be impossible to solve here.

Maybe abstract theories would be difficult for readers to understand, so I will give an example. If a tyrant’s depraved rule, a terrorist organization’s internal rules, or an assassin organization’s unwritten rules about killing were all recognized as laws, then the new power of Law that I created in this world would only become the strongest weapon of all for villains and tyrants in this world.

Eich was a world where a person’s will was equivalent to actual power. Not giving a definition carefully enough would absolutely lead to complete disaster.

If there was a problem with the foundational definition that I gave to Law in this world, then my system for Law would either end up collapsing or become distorted sooner or later.

“Is Law only a tool for ruling? Law’s functions for guiding people towards kindness and punishing evil in society can simply be explained as ‘maintaining social stability’? Perhaps the kindness and benefit for society is what Law’s true nature really is.”

In the end, when creating the Original Codex of Law for this world, I abandoned the old Chinese “bible” of law on classical legal theory, and instead wrote my personal understanding of law based on the special nature of society in this world.

“Law is something that should guide people towards kindness.”

From that moment onwards, law in Eich was destined to be different from the definition of law in China. The debate over “unjust laws are also laws” would never happen here at all. Evil laws enacted by tyrants would be disqualified from being laws in my Original Codex of Law.

“Law is something that should treat all criminals equally.”

From that moment onwards, the power of Law would only act because of a crime, and the power of Law would never waver or change no matter the criminal’s status or power.

“Law is limited to divine laws and manmade laws…”

As I completed my definitions for Law, I discovered to my astonishment that a certain way of thinking which had long since been discarded by my original world of Earth was actually the best explanation for my personal interpretation of Law.

“…It’s actually the bloody and primitive… principle of retaliation.”

Maybe legal retaliation had a certain definition, but what I meant was actually quite simple.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Someone who harmed or killed others should be treated in the same way depending on how many crimes they committed. Someone who tore out another person’s eye should have their own eye torn out. Someone who killed another should be killed as well. In the most primitive societies, it was a blood relative of the victim who would take revenge in the majority of situations. Thus, this concept had another name… blood vengeance.

Since taking blood vengeance was far too barbaric, vicious, and cruel, modern-day countries in my original world had long since forbidden such a thing.

However, perhaps it was precisely because the world of Eich was too cruel and barbaric that my power of Law could be created in this world with such a form.

The power of Law would use even crueler methods to scare evil villains. Even if a villain was able to escape judgement in their life, they would still be punished after death in Hell. There would be zero exceptions to this.

Law gave victims the right of vengeance. Once an evil villain’s deeds were exposed for all to see, once the Codex of Law at the River Styx Hall recorded a person’s entire life, their heavy crimes would finally become a noose that would strangle them.

Femme Fatale: The King“s Deadly Temptress Law was something that gave the innocent and weak a necessary sense of safety because the cut-off heads of villains would remain hanging high up on the castle walls in order to strike fear into the hearts of would-be villains in the future.

Law gave the protectors and enforcers of the law an incomparably sharp sword as they were the protectors of the weak and ordinary people, as well as the representatives of vengeance for the victims.

Obviously, this was rather extreme, bloody, barbaric, and unreasonable.

But in this cruel world, if I used modern-day laws from Earth… which was a place where some places were already beginning to get rid of the death penalty, and the rich could simply pay money to get out of jail… using such “laws written in a peaceful generation” for this world would only mean that I was a huge idiot.

To give a very simple example, if I continued to use legal theory from modern-day Earth as the foundation for Law in Eich, then my Justice Knights would have to act like modern-day policemen even if they witnessed a murder themselves. They would have to first gather evidence and witnesses, then send the criminal to court to accept a fair and just judgement… in a way, the Justice Knights would be even weaker than modern-day policemen because the fixed Concept of Law would be far more inflexible and foolish than any justice system from Earth.

I should also mention that the death penalty as a concept of vengeance was becoming ever rarer on modern-day Earth.

“A murderer should pay with their own life.”

This was considered common sense back in more ancient and primitive societies on Earth. However, many modern countries of Earth were already rejecting this idea that murderers had to face the death penalty. Laws on Earth were becoming ever more complex, which actually gave criminals who committed horrible crimes even more opportunities to commit evil deeds once again.

Eich was a world with limited resources. This was far too much of an extravagance to afford.

“A chaotic world requires strict laws… this world is more chaotic than the word chaotic can describe, so the laws naturally must be endlessly severe.”

Only after I confirmed the core of the fundamentals of Law that I wanted were Law Incantations born.

Still, no matter what, Law was still a power of Order, and a type of elemental power in this world. While Law needed to obey the definition of its own Concept, it also needed to obey the natural laws of the elements.

Setting rules was a power of Order. The power of Law wasn’t the only power of Order related to rules.

Prophecy magic, wish magic, and other such types of magic relying on “reason” were actually using the various layers of rules. This was quite similar to the power of Law. The traits of such magic spells were also the same as either the spell would succeed as expected, or the spell would fail and produce nothing.

Wish magic would distort any wish that was difficult for the caster to achieve. It would be impossible for any major prophecy spell to determine something overly complex or to try and force a specific future to happen. Thus, even if a pope tried to force a prophecy, he would still say that it was something really simple.

The power of Law was the same. Using a Law Incantation was still a competition of power between the two sides. If the Law user won, then the Law Incantation would succeed. If the villain was far too strong, then the attack-type Law Incantations would be weakened, and the binding incantations would become ineffective. It was still a contest of elemental power.

The more complex something was, the weaker its foundation would be. The more simple and direct something was, the stronger and more difficult to distort it would become.

In the end, when I resolved myself to create my Law sword, I finally used the most basic and primitive method to achieve my goal.

“Begin judgement, Law Sword Vengeance, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth… a life for a life!”

My double-edged runic short sword suddenly appeared in midair. As Karwenz watched in surprise, his physical body was directly torn apart into several pieces. As I laughed at him, my physical body exploded at the same time. My red short sword was decorated with silver runes of light. It was double-edged, but both edges were so blunt that it would be impossible to even cut vegetables with them.

A statue of a silver masked figure served as the sword’s hilt.

He held a gavel in one hand, representing judgement of evil, and a silver balance in the other hand, representing the equality between the crime and the punishment. The chain at his waist held a codex representing the Original Codex of Law, the source of all Law.

These weren’t the original God Equipment, but as representations and with the sword creator’s special identity, this short sword in a way had also become Wumianzhe’s incarnation.

“Judgement, Vengeance.”

Wumianzhe’s figure faintly arose from the sword. Whenever this God representing Judgement and Law appeared, he would judge all crimes before him.

Wumianzhe’s eyes, which contained no self-will, locked onto all existences before him without a single trace of emotion.

What did it feel like to be stared at by yourself? It definitely wouldn’t feel good to be judged by yourself.


The moment that he slammed his gavel, I felt pain in my chest as a piercing pain went through my heart. I was unable to swallow all the blood I spat up, likely making my mouth quite bloody. Without needing to even look, just the pain from my limbs made me realize that my blood and flesh were flying everywhere and that I was seriously injured.

However, I was still able to laugh because Karwenz, who was right in front of me, was even more seriously injured!

The tall demon’s left hand was already cut off. His black magic sword was covered in cracks. It must have been a special weapon connected to his body. Everything below his right knee was completely missing. His entire body was covered in injuries and holes from his blood and flesh being torn off.

Any ordinary person would have died long ago in such circumstances.

Karwenz was torn and tattered all over, yet he still managed to vaguely maintain a humanoid shape, sort of like a broken doll that had been forcefully put back together again using glue. If it wasn’t for the fact that Karwenz had the power level of a Chaos Main God, this one attack would have been more than enough to kill him.

But, this was only the beginning…

Law Sword Vengeance continued to float in the air. Wumianzhe’s gaze remained fixed on the two “sinners”. Wumianzhe was currently analyzing our crimes. The next judgement would be even more fatal.

This was the first of two functions from my Law Sword Vengeance. The moment that the judge declared the court to be in session, the accused suspects would have all their crimes analyzed, and the judge would then immediately issue judgement and punishment.

There was no doubt that both I and Karwenz had committed so many crimes that it would give us the death penalty countless times. But, also as I had expected, the power of Law also obeyed the natural elemental laws. For the power of Law to take effect, it would naturally need to clash against the target’s own power.

Would the power of Law be able to instantly kill a Main God? I never even thought about it before. Being able to injure Karwenz to such an extent was already more than what I had expected. This was a soul-level judgement, and when the soul was injured, the physical body would be injured as well.

Currently, since Karwenz was forcibly keeping his physical body together after being torn apart, his soul was naturally torn apart as well.

“Ha, Karwenz, it seems that your crimes are far more serious than mine.”

The most basic foundation of how the power of Law worked was that the more serious the crimes, the stronger the power of Law would become.

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