As a three-level Soul Altar expert, he managed to survive even under the torment of the blaze characters.

This proved his strength.

A person at such a level, even when his soul was being burned by the blaze characters, could detect the source of the blaze character through his sensitive perception.

“There is only one descendant of the Blaze Family, he isn’t even in the Fragmentation Realm. His knowledge of the bloodline power is shallow, he does not know how to completely ignite all the blaze characters in my body through his bloodline. Otherwise, my Soul Altar would have been burned by the blaze characters.” Matthew was extremely tired. On top of the bone top, he absorbed threads of pure power. He constructed his words and said, “This may not be a bad thing.”

The clansmen became startled.

“How is this not a bad thing?” someone asked.

Matthew was silent for a moment. Then he turned to look at the spatial rift above his head and said, “Bhutto also has the blaze characters of the Blaze Family!”

When the words were said, the faces of many Heaven Ghoul clansmen changed.

Bhutto was the strongest elder of the clan, and was the oldest and wisest great sage of the present Heaven Ghoul Race.

Once Bhutto who had once been in the Void Realm awakens, and then recovered his power, he would lead them to dominate the Land of Chaos, and help the Heaven Ghoul Race reproduce and rule this part of the world.

Bhutto was their support, the hope of their races, the key to the clan recovering their past glory.

But Bhutto also had the blaze imprints.

While the blaze imprints in Bhutto’s body had not activated for a thousand years, as long as they existed, there was the possibility that they could activate again.

Matthew had just proven this.

“For Bhutto, that descendant of the Blaze Family is a hidden threat. In the future battles, if that person appeared at an important moment, and activates the blaze imprints in Bhutto’s body, he will immediately caused Bhutto’s strength to drop. Bhutto might even die from this!” Matthew’s expression was dark. He said, “Due to this, we must find this little Blaze boy as soon as possible, and kill him to end the possibility!”

“Do you know what he looks like?” a great sage asked.

“Of course!” Matthew gritted out.

As he spoke, threads of gray clouds shot out of his eyes. They slowly turned and manifested into Qin Lie’s appearance.

“It’s this person!” The two-level Soul Altar great sage’s face turned cold as he suddenly roared with laughter. “I was able to lock onto the left side of Spirit Realm and find this rift that connected the chaotic streams of space through this person’s soul intent!”

“Such a coincidence.” Matthew snorted and said, “I am not able to act at the moment. Also, the people that came later who have blaze imprints should not leave here in the short term.”

He looked at the people around him. “Act as soon as possible, and turn this boy with the Blaze Family bloodline into dust!”



“I saw some scenes through the memories hidden in my blood.” On the other side, Qin Lie frowned as he spoke of what he saw.

Xu Ran, Tong Zhenzhen, Lei Yan, and Lin Liang’er were listening silently with grave expressions.

After Qin Lie explained, the four were silent for a long time, still with their serious expressions.

“As expected of a race that called themselves “gods.” They were able to imprint so much information in their bloodline, it is incomprehensible!” Xu Ran sighed in shock.

“That person called Lieyan Zhong is at least in the Void Realm. If he appears in the Land of Chaos, he is enough to turn the Land of Chaos into a wasteland. No one can rival his power.” Lei Yan was full of wariness.

“Maybe the strongest great sage that is sleeping also had the blaze imprints branded onto him.” Tong Zhenzhen’s thoughts were clear. “If that’s the case…”

She looked in shock at Qin Lie and said, “You may be of great effect in the future battles! At least to that three-level Soul Altar ghoul. If he appears within ten kilometers of you, he will immediately be inflicted with misfortune!”

“According to Qin Lie, not just one old ghoul among the Heaven Ghoul Race was branded with the blaze imprints.” Xu Ran rubbed his chin. His eyes gradually became bright. He saw Qin Lie’s value. “This means that Qin Lie might be able to create a devastating blow against the Heaven Ghoul clansmen at a crucial time in the future!”

Lei Yan suddenly shook. When he looked at Qin Lie again, his eyes were filled with surprise.

“Lei Yan, you need to remember. No matter what, you have to protect Qin Lie! In the future, if the strongest elder of the Heaven Ghoul Race wake up and recovers his full power, it is not realistic for Nan Zhentian to win just by himself!” Xu Ran took a deep breath and said slowly. “At that time, Qin Lie’s existence might be able to reverse the situation and be of decisive effect!”

“Qin Lie! Do not stay here. Retreat to the rear now. Before my elder brother comes, you are not allowed to go near Prism Continent!” Lei Yan shouted.

He decided to use all of his power to make sure Qin Lie was alive. He thought of Qin Lie as a peerless weapon-one to use against the Heaven Ghoul Race!

“Remember to keep the fact that Qin Lie has the Heaven Fighting Race bloodline a secret!” Tong Zhenzhen commanded.

“Don’t worry. Other than us four and my elder brother, no one else will know of this!” Lei Yan patted his chest and promised.

Looking at the group and listening to their conversation, Qin Lie seemed to be inattentive.

After a while when their discussion finished ,Qin Lie moved towards the two black iron ships at the rear as arranged by Lei Yan.

He had a new set of rooms.

Pushing away Chu LI who was filled with puzzlement, Qin Lie entered the cultivation room covered in wards with a bowed head and a dazed mind. He silently sat down.

“Bam bam bam!”

His heartbeat was slightly abnormal. He knew that the bloodline had changed slightly.

He calmed his mind and inspected his unusual blood.

When his consciousness focused, there seemed to be eyes all over his body. He observed the blood flowing in his veins and focused on feeling the slight changes.

He changed his emotions slightly.

The blood inside his body that had just managed to calm down boiled again. Mysterious blaze characters jumped out of his body.

His soul consciousness focused into a point and passed through the blaze characters as he felt with his mind.

Faint threads of information came out of the those blaze characters indistinctly.

He felt carefully and his eyes gradually lit up as his face began to glow. Chapter 296: Birth of the Mystic Skeleton

Translator: flycrane01 Editor: Millman97

The release of Tiger King, Mournful Mist, and Sword Torrent shocked the entire Cultivation world.

Over the following month, things changed drastically in the Cultivation world. More than ten sects and five universities declared the success of their MP crystal suit models.

For a moment, the MP crystal suits became the hottest topic in the Cultivation world. The three magical equipment magazines almost became monographs on crystal suits. Another magazine, ‘Crystal Suit Vista’, which focused on crystal suits, had experienced a four-time sales increase in a single month.

Of course, it was not difficult to notice that most of the MP crystal suit models had been produced in too much of a hurry. In pursuit of lower cost, many necessary Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures were cut down. As a result, they could only be called strong battle armors, not crystal suits.

One month after the Tiger King Battlesuit was released, the MP crystal suit models that were relatively more competitive were still just Tiger King, Mournful Mist, Sword Torrent and a few others.

Right then, Deep Sea University and the Gold Armor Clan called the second press conference for the Tiger King Battlesuit, in which new real-combat videos, more structure designs, and detailed specifications were presented to the public.

After a month of testing, the Tiger King Battlesuit had been equipped with a set of attack magical equipment named ‘Flashing Paws’, which significantly improved its melee combat ability.

In the demo, Zuo Feijing, wearing the Tiger King Battlesuit, tore apart three turtle-type demon beasts, which were high-level demon soldiers, in only ten seconds.

The simplicity and easiness impressed every reporter that came to the scene.

The three magical equipment magazines and ‘Crystal Suit Vista’ were full of complimentary articles.

Compared with the seething world outside, the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution seemed to have become a black hole where absolutely no news would be let out. It even declined interview requests from several magazines.

All of the grassroots refiners stayed mysterious. No one had sent out any message through their personal channels.

Such a weird reaction had raised suspicions and questions.

Most people thought that the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution must’ve come across an unresolvable problem which hindered the progress of the project, and therefore had chosen to quit the military’s bid.

In an overview posted on the ‘Crystal Suit Vista’, after summarizing the progress of the MP crystal suit models of Deep Sea University, Star Nebula University, the three major sword-training sects and other influential parties, the writer concluded the article, not without pity as such:

‘The Grand Desolate War Institution was the first organization of the federation to work on the MP crystal suit. However, after the catastrophic accident last year in which most of the participants passed away, the project has been sluggish.

‘Although Professor Yuan Manqiu has gathered the remaining grassroots experts and restarted the Project Mystic Skeleton this year, they obviously met the same problem that hamstringed them before, which is that ordinary materials can’t be refined into a qualified crystal reactor.

‘With so many sects and universities announcing the success of their MP crystal suit inventions, the Grand Desolate War Institution remains silent and refuses interviews, unwilling to reveal any detail of their progress. All the signs indicate that the Grand Desolate War Institution has probably already given up.’

But in the floating mountain of the Refining Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution…

The place seemed to have become an active volcano for the past month. Passion and mania could be felt everywhere.

Everyone was surrounded by invisible flames. Their eyes were as firm as sharp swords which splashed sparkles when there was a clash. They seemed to have been hypnotized by something unknown into devoting their full heart into Project Mystic Skeleton. Other than the furious arguments in the daily briefing every day, they always kept their mouth tight to save every valuable second.

The reason why they declined interviews was not to keep a low profile but to dedicate all the time they had in order to finish the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit sooner.

On Oct. 30, the basic framework of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was determined, and the first vertebral column was successfully refined.

On Nov. 4, the power system was successfully refined. The power system of the primary model had only eight power rune arrays. Its performance might not be the best, but a lot of interfaces had been left open, which entailed the possibility of infinite power rune arrays and anti-gravity rune arrays.

On Nov. 11, the long-range attack system made of 400 super-mini flying swords was successfully refined.

On Nov. 22, all of the pieces of plate armor and defense magical equipment were successfully refined.

On Nov. 24, the military crystal processor ‘Type-VII Super Saint’ carried by the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was successfully connected to other magical equipment units. Debugging work was initiated.

On Dec. 1, although it was a cloudy day, the Project Mystic Skeleton was in full swing.

Every fist had been tightened, every chest was fluctuating, every dry lip was shivering, and every eye was filled with thrills. All the participants of the project were waiting anxiously.

Li Yao was one of them.

In the past month, Li Yao had done more hard work than any professor or expert did.

The professors and experts were adept at a certain field of refining. Some of them were in charge of the power system, some of them were responsible for the defense magical equipment system, and some of them were best at debugging on crystal processors.

Li Yao was different.

As the test pilot, he needed to propose suggestions and complaints regarding every part of the crystal suit from the perspective of a terminal user.

In the meantime, he was the assistant of refining for all the experts.

As his talent in refining was gradually discovered by everyone, many experts had asked him to be involved in the refining process of key components. Sometimes they even entrusted the whole work to him.

Li Yao was almost working 24 hours a day. He wished that he could divide himself into eight selves so that he could be at several places at the same time.

In the end, Yuan Manqiu was somewhat intimidated by his craziness. She escorted him to the deep sleep capsule to take a break many times. But he would always sneak out after no more than half an hour.

He couldn’t help it. The opportunity was too rare to be missed out.

Project Mystic Skeleton was the glory of every grassroots refiner. The professors and experts had exerted the best of their skills, which were dazzling eye-openers for Li Yao.

Helping them as an assistant for half a day was more useful than reading books for an entire week. Li Yao was a man who was going to be the strongest refiner of the federation. There was no way that he would let go of such an opportunity.

As the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was taking shape, Li Yao’s understanding in the art of refining grew deeper and deeper. The professors and experts were proficient at their respective fields, but Li Yao had learnt a thing or two about every field of crystal suit refining.

With the first-hand knowledge, Li Yao found that many incomprehensible books of the Hundred Smelting Clan from 40,000 years ago were clear and straightforward now.

Many esoteric theories brought up by the professors and experts could often be traced back to the classics of the Hundred Smelting Clan as well.

Therefore, the unity of knowing and doing had been achieved.


When Li Yao had almost learnt everything that the professors and experts had to teach, the prototype of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was finally out!

Placed before everyone was a giant utensil made of tempered glass that was filled with a scarlet antirust fluid in which a human-shaped object was standing.

“Ci… Ci… Ci… Ci…”

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