Fang Yuan changed several locations, but each attempt ended in failure.

“No matter who you are, with me around, don’t think of succeeding!” The white robed old man had great morale.

“Is that so?” Fang Yuan laughed coldly as he retreated.

Within Profound Literature grotto-heaven, at a certain courtyard, a young male scholar looked at his reflection in the well water as he thought: “From today onwards, I am Li Xiao Bai[2].”

[1] Trivia – This is the name of the MC in Mashin Hero Wataru, an old anime that was popular in China in the 1990s.

[2] Trivia – Reference to the famous poet Li Bai. Xiao Bai also can be slang or shorthand for a couple of different things, like novice or a man who lives off a woman. Immemorial white heaven.

Fang Yuan rode on spontaneous auspicious cloud as he flew in the sky.

The heaven form white crane was following closely, circling around him.

The killer move spontaneous auspicious cloud was obtained by Fang Yuan from Hei Fan grotto-heaven, after some modifications, he used it as a movement killer move.

But the auspicious cloud did not follow Fang Yuan’s will, but moved according to the mystery of luck path.

The route that the auspicious cloud moved was the one with the greatest luck.

Spontaneous auspicious cloud and heaven form worked together very well, Fang Yuan had used this in his previous life to find Beast Calamity grotto-heaven and Profound Literature grotto-heaven.

Not long ago, Fang Yuan had already used soul replacement in both the grotto-heavens.

After that, Fang Yuan waited for his clones to develop while he continued cultivating and gathering strength.

His qi path killer moves were still in the process of familiarization, after intense practice, he could already use them to fight against rank eight Gu Immortals. But the trump card unlimited qi sea killer move was still quite foreign to Fang Yuan.

Other than training killer moves, Fang Yuan’s main body also patrolled immemorial white heaven and used both spontaneous auspicious cloud and heaven form to attempt to find more grotto-heavens.

But until now, Fang Yuan had found nothing.

“Even though heaven form has a wide range, against this huge immemorial white heaven, it is just too tiny in comparison.”

“But along this route, I had great gains, I obtained a lot of rank eight immortal materials.”

“This is truly the best route for me, I was lucky all along the way, it was filled with surprises!”

“Oh? My time path clone has obtained results from deduction?”

Fang Yuan’s eyes shined with bright light.

His main body cultivated diligently but had no great gains, but after so much time spent on deductions, the time path clone obtained quite a good result.

“Another Immortal Gu House’s deduction is completed! Very good!”

Fang Yuan was overjoyed, he diverted some of his attention to his immortal aperture as he started assembling it.

Immemorial white heaven was very dangerous with countless immemorial desolate beasts roaming around, there were even immemorial desolate beast groups occasionally. If ordinary rank eight Gu Immortals explored this place they would need to be vigilant. Some rank seven experts would also explore immemorial white heaven for cultivation resources occasionally, but they were all fearful and careful.

However, Fang Yuan had spontaneous auspicious cloud, he only had good luck along the way. With the help of heaven form, he could detect any danger in advance, Fang Yuan was able to easily avoid them ahead of time.

Iron wall Gu.

This was a rank six metal path Gu worm, it was the size of an adult’s fist, heavy and resembling a rhinoceros beetle, but be it the head or back, it was squarish and straight, its body had almost no curves at all.

Evidently, iron wall Gu was a defensive Gu worm, it had been taken from Lang Ya Sect’s inventory, used by Fang Yuan now to create his second Immortal Gu House.

Once iron wall Gu was activated, a large number of mortal Gu followed.

These mortal Gu were of various types, there were three thousand of them, among which fire path and metal path were the most numerous, they were all rank five Gu.

Iron wall Gu was fixed at the center while the mortal Gu surrounded it as they moved like a wave.

A wave of black light appeared among the mortal Gu like spreading ink, it enveloped all of the Gu worms as a black ball of light was created.

The black ball floated in the sky, its surface was uneven as the Gu worms inside started to fly even faster now.

After reaching a certain speed, the black ball became extremely smooth, there were no bumps anymore, it was completely round.

At this point, Fang Yuan started to activate his fire path Immortal Gu.

He activated three fire path Immortal Gu and a large number of mortal Gu, creating a flame.

The flame had an intense scarlet color, coiling around the black ball as it burned continuously.

An alluring fragrance started to spread, mortals who breathed it in would indulge in it and feel deep desires and imaginations that could not be stopped.

After burning for many hours, the black ball turned into a golden ball of light on the surface, the black color earlier seemed to be soot that was removed by the flames.

Fang Yuan maintained this golden ball of light as he stopped the flame, taking out water path and wisdom path Immortal Gu as he created a clear spring.

The spring water doused the golden ball as sizzling sounds were heard, it was like red-hot iron submerged in water.

But no steam was produced, all of the water had fused into the golden ball.

The golden ball of light started to become slower in rotation, the Gu worms inside looked like tiny golden meteors that spun around endlessly.

The pattern of their traces became more complicated and disorganized, it would make people feel dizzy when looking, but no collisions had taken place at all during this period.

At this time, Fang Yuan took out his second supplementary Immortal Gu.

Food path Immortal Gu – Cook.

It looked like a giant water bug that was the size of a basin. It had a triangular head and short feelers, under its feelers were two compound eyes shining in golden light.

Its body was flat and oval shaped, it was dark-red in color and had the sensation of touching sand, it was very warm.

It had three pairs of legs, the front pair was the strongest, looking like two thick and powerful pincers.

Immortal Gu Cook was obtained by Fang Yuan when he extorted the Southern Border righteous path.

By now, Fang Yuan had already returned the bodies and souls of the Southern Border Gu Immortal captives, he started to exchange Immortal Gu with them.

Fang Yuan spent an hour before he placed Immortal Gu Cook into the golden ball of light.

The golden ball expanded by double its original size as a result.

Fang Yuan was already covered in sweat, he had finally gotten past this hardest part of the first step.

Assembling an Immortal Gu House was not easy, it was much more difficult than using normal killer moves. If it failed, the Gu Immortal would face a backlash, the Gu worms used would also be damaged or destroyed.

Thus, Fang Yuan was extremely careful and vigilant.

As he continued, Fang Yuan added Dog Shit Luck, Qi Luck, Luck Inspection, Connect Luck, Time Luck, and his other luck path Immortal Gu into the ball.

His luck path attainment level was master, while formation path was grandmaster, he already had intuition.

Thus, during the process of assembling it, if any bad feelings emerged, Fang Yuan would pay close attention to them and make appropriate adjustments.

The most important thing was that his method of assembling the Immortal Gu House was deduced by the time path clone using the light of wisdom, it was very exemplary.

Half a month later in the sovereign immortal aperture’s time, Fang Yuan succeeded.

The golden light ball exploded as a brand new Immortal Gu House was formed.

Different from Myriad Year Flying Warship, this Immortal Gu House was smaller and had the size of a regular bowl.

It was shining in golden light, it was covered in a pure white light, sacred and royal.

It was a pot, the pot’s rim was about a thumb’s thickness, the internal space was large but there was nothing inside now.

Outside the pot, there were eight dragons, six were vivid and lively, while two were blurry and crude.

These eight dragons were all at the base of the pot, coiling around each other and extending their claws to become the legs of this pot.

The eight dragon tails pointed in eight different directions, towards the north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest.

Each dragon claw was attached to the surface of the pot, the dragon bodies moved upwards as the dragon heads hung on the edge, looking inside. The dragon eyes were shut as if they were sleeping.

Rank six Immortal Gu House – Cooking Luck Pot!

Even though rank seven Immortal Gu like food path Immortal Gu Cook were used, the core luck path Immortal Gu were still rank six, thus this Immortal Gu House had a slightly lower rank.

This Immortal Gu House was within the records of Giant Sun’s true inheritance, Fang Yuan’s time path clone had improved upon and modified it. Evidently, this was a luck path Immortal Gu House.

It could not carry Gu Immortals into battle, it was tiny and had another use.

In fact, it was quite similar to Star Constellation Chessboard.

Fang Yuan instilled his immortal essence as Cooking Luck Pot started to vibrate, it turned into a golden light and flew above Fang Yuan’s head, vanishing from sight.

Even Fang Yuan could not see this Immortal Gu House with his naked eye, he had to use methods to verify its existence.

It was quite easy to ‘see’ it. Fang Yuan willed as he instilled immortal essence, activating one of Cooking Luck Pot’s killer moves.

Luck inspection!

Fang Yuan’s vision changed rapidly, he saw that his luck was flowing into Cooking Luck Pot continuously.

After a while, Cooking Luck Pot became filled with luck.

“Luck inspection Immortal Gu is only rank six while I have rank eight cultivation level, just this Immortal Gu alone cannot inspect my luck.”

“Cooking Luck Pot is only rank six, I can only see the luck inside this pot, but not the full extent of my luck.”

Even so, Fang Yuan could still see a bit of his luck on the outside of the pot.

There was a river-like luck with clear and bright water, it seemed like a miniature River of Time, it was most connected to Fang Yuan. One end of the river extended into the pot while the other merged into empty space.

This was the luck of Fang Yuan’s time path clone.

The time path clone had stable luck, but a trace of black qi was forming and growing continuously. This was Spring Autumn Cicada’s drawback, it generated bad luck. Once in a while, Fang Yuan would need to use luck path methods against it.

There was another luck, it looked like a layer of pink fog, it was floating near the pot, circling around it.

This was the luck of Fang Yuan’s dream path clone.

The pink fog was weak and thin, it continued to change forms as it resembled a vague shadow.

Only after the dream path clone becomes rank six would it have comparable luck with the time path clone.

Other than that, there was the dragonman clone’s luck, it was a tiny purple dragon flying near the pot. Fang Yuan’s clone in Beast Calamity grotto-heaven had a grey and dirty sparrow luck while his Profound Literature grotto-heaven clone had a flower bud luck that was wilting.

“These two clones have weak luck. It seems that the grey soul ball consumed a lot of luck. And because they and my main body are separated by a small world, there is some obstruction.”

“In that case…” Fang Yuan willed as he activated Cooking Luck Pot.

Cooking Luck Pot started to rise in temperature as the luck started to boil.

Two dragons at the edge of the pot opened their eyes and mouths, sucking at the luck in the pot.

Immediately, two portions of luck were absorbed into the dragons’ stomachs.

The dragons started to move as their heads turned towards the grey sparrow and flower bud, spitting out at them.

The two spurts of luck shot out and fused into the grey sparrow luck and flower bud luck.

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