She thought it was ridiculous as she continued to walk..

While walking on that rugged terrain, she accidentally kicked one of the aerial roots of a big tree. The root was very thin and it was easily broken under her feet. As it broke, a light transparent juice spilled out unexpectedly.

Ning Xuemo was somewhat thirsty from the walk. When she looked at the root juice, it made her want to drink it to quench her thirst.

Still, she remained cautious. First, she used her needle to test the safety of the liquid. After confirming it wasn’t poisonous, she pulled the aerial root closer so she could drink it.

Surprisingly, the root juice tasted quite sweet. After drinking it once, she wanted to drink it again. In a short time, she drank up all the liquid in the root. Chapter 180 – On The Same Boat (1)

She had not had her fill yet, so she took out her blade to cut another strand to get more to drink.

“With your physique, you can only drink that much. Drinking anymore will only bring you harm.” The child suddenly spoke.

Ning Xuemo shot him a look, her gaze showing some hints of distrust. She had not had her fill and this liquid made one want to drink the more one drank…

“You can choose to not believe my words. Do not blame me for not warning you when you start puking blood from over-drinking.” The child calmly finished his words before once again shutting his eyes.

Such a sweet liquid can cause one to puke blood from drinking it? It was only liquid from a root and not some great tonic like ginseng, deer antler or lingzhi mushroom, so how would it cause someone to vomit blood just by drinking it?

Ning Xuemo’s gaze once again landed on the root and her heart suddenly jolted!

The other end of the root was linked to where the leaves were the thickest. Furthermore, the stems of the leaves all grew near the root…

She lifted her head to look at the moon. ‘Could it be that these palm shaped tree leaves absorbed the moonlight’s essence?’

Afterwards, the moon essence would be transferred to theses aerial roots. The root grew out of the the seam in the rocks. Furthermore, all the roots seemed to be growing in all the same way.

Ning Xuemo thought about the small stream she had seen outside the forest just before she entered. That stream was clearly flowing towards that large lake!

“I got it! The water from the lake came from the liquid in these roots!”

The child’s eyelashes moved slightly but he did not speak.

Ning Xuemo had some regret. “If I had known this earlier I would have drank more! All the trees from every mountain sending all that moonlight essence over, that lake is definitely a great tonic! No wonder you sat there to cultivate.” She once again thought of that layered green platform. Doubt once again crossed her heart. ‘Is there really a type of ginseng that grew in the water? That green platform didn’t seem too similar to a ginseng’s leaves though.’

She could not resist rubbing the small child’s tender face. “No wonder you’re so good-looking and your skin is so soft and smooth. It turns out you’ve been absorbing the sun and moon essences to nourish yourself.”

The child secretly raised his brow but did not bother opening his eyes.

His lips pursed slightly. Under the moonlight, they seemed like soft dew-covered petals that were crystal clear. Ning Xuemo could not resist inclining her head to place another kiss on his lips.

The child’s body stiffened slightly. Without waiting for him to do anything, Ning Xuemo had already lifted her head again. She laughed and said, “The taste is not bad. As expected from having grown by absorbing the nature essences.”

The child “…” The expression in his eyes were like an ice lake that started cracking.

“Do you always enjoy kissing random men?” His voice sounded like an icy wind. In such a short period of time, he had already been kissed by her twice!

“Little brat, this is where you’re wrong. First of all, you and I aren’t considered strangers. Second, and this is the most important point, you aren’t considered to be a man yet.” Ning Xuemo lifted her hand to pinch his cheek. “You’re just a little pipsqueak. You’re too young to even be considered a child. In my era, very young children are often kissed…”

“Your era? What era?” The child seemed to have caught on to the crucial point in her words.

Ning Xuemo did not seem to care that much as she blurted out. “Ah, the era from my former life. That era was very civilised and advanced…”

Ning Xuemo originally was not a person of many words, but to be trapped in the deep mountains for so long without coming across someone she could talk to, she was now more talkative than normal. Her conversation partner was a small child who should not have seen much of the world yet. It was unlikely he would expose her secret…

She briefly described her era’s civilisation: the sceneries, the system, the weapons, the cellphones, the internet, etc.

The more she spoke, the more she was gripped with nostalgia. When she was still in that era she had no such feeling, but once she left it, she felt incomparable longing. Chapter 181 – You Don’t Have a Fever

Note : The author really put a different title in-between two chapters with same time. Do not ask me the logic behind it.

The child did not speak and just listened to her talk about her era. He did not interrupt her and was a very good listener. Only, his gaze towards her revealed a pensive look before closing his eyes slightly as a response to something.

When she was done talking, he spoke and gave a few words of evaluation. “You don’t have a fever; it doesn’t seem like you are delirious… Your imagination is not bad.”

Ning Xuemo “…” He clearly didn’t believe her!

In the modern world, stories and dramas with a transmigration plot blossomed everywhere, so everyone knew about it. On the other hand, if anyone were to really encounter someone who seriously claimed that he or she transmigrated from the ancient times, the great majority would not believe it and would treat that person as a lunatic or a mentally unstable person.

If even those in her era would think like such, then for the people in this world, her story would seem like something straight out from The Arabian Nights all the more!

Who cares if he believed her or not, it didn’t matter to her either way. She just wanted a rubbish bin to vent out everything she had on her heart, who cared whether this ‘bin’ understood what she said or not!

She lifted his small body and spoke casually. “Just think of it as me sleep talking.”

The little child seemed to be in a talkative mood. “Who taught you your martial arts?”

Ning Xuemo did not feel like explaining anymore so she simply gave a more reasonable explanation. After all, it was not like anyone was going to look for proof. “The Ancestor.”

The small child was slightly stunned, then he faced her with an expression that seemed about to laugh. “Are you certain it’s him?”

“Yeah, everyone believed so.”

“Uh, then how would you describe what he looks like?”

“You know him too?” Ning Xuemo glanced at him.

“Yes.” The child answered concisely.

“Then are you well acquainted with him?”

“Little lady, I’m the one who is asking you!” The child’s face tightened, the aura around his body became unexpectedly tyrannical.

The surroundings’ temperature seemed as if it dropped following the burst of his aura..

Ning Xuemo was not afraid of him though as she narrowed her eyes. “Little guy, right now I’m questioning you. You’re my captive so whatever I ask you, you better answer!”

The child’s eyes lowered slightly. “Fine, since I’m your captive I’ll answer you first. I’m acquainted with him, and our friendship is not shallow.”

Ning Xuemo widened her eyes as she blurted out. “You actually know that old illuminated stick[1]?!”

Once she blurted out the words, she felt like she had done something stupid.

Although this child looked young, the number of years he had been cultivating should be inversely proportional so it was possible he knew the Ancestor. Did the rumours not say that the Ancestor would occasionally stroll on the Ninth mountain?

A green vein popped out from the child’s forehead. “Old illuminated stick?”

He faintly sounded like he was gritting his teeth. His gaze towards Ning Xuemo also turned more profound. “You really have the nerves! It’s clear that you were lying before. If he really was your teacher, would you really address him like that?”

Ning Xuemo had already thought on how to refute him, so she immediately started to sway him, “Little guy, you don’t understand the meaning, right? Old illuminated stick really is a title we used there. Old, meaning that he’s elderly; Illuminated stands for an enlightened immortal; As for stick… stick means out of the ordinary. This is an appellation for those who are genuinely a person considered to be a pillar of support. You could say that’s a title for those who could support like the white jade pillar of Heaven. Actually, a pillar is also another way to say stick. The Ancestor’s status is honorable as he’s the moral support of everyone on the continent. That’s the reason why his honorific is ‘Old Illuminated Stick’.”

The child looked at her, having been rendered speechless. He shut his eyes and, once again, returned to silence.

Ning Xuemo was somewhat depressed. “You’re not going to continue asking me what he looks like?” Weren’t all children supposed to be curious? This little kid’s curiosity was sorely lacking.

“You really know what he looks like?” The child asked dully. It was obvious he wasn’t very interested.

[1] Chinese synonym to a charlatan, or someone faking to be a divine or mystical being. It could be literally translated as “Old Immortal Stick”, but since the name was too obvious and simple to understand and won’t make sense for Ning Xuemo to actually need to explain herself, we translated it as seen in chapter. Chapter 182 – On The Same Boat (2)

“Of course I know! His whole body gives off a terrifying feeling of coldness, and he dresses completely in white. His hair is so long it nearly reaches his ankles, and he always wears this icy cold mask on his face. He’s also fairly tall…” Ning Xuemo described the Ancestor she once saw in the main hall.

The child glanced at her. “Didn’t think that you really did see him.”

“That’s a matter of fact. He did teach me these martial arts.”

“Uh, from what I know, the Ancestor doesn’t receive female disciples. You can really lie without blinking.”

“Everything has an exception, right?”

“He doesn’t have any plans to make an exception for this.” The child’s tone was very certain.

“It seems like you know him quite well. Well then, since you’re so familiar with him, you surely know what he looks like. Can you tell me what he looks like under that mask?” Feeling bored from just walking, Ning Xuemo went into gossip mode.

“Why should I tell you?” The child was uncooperative.

“In fact, you haven’t seen what he really looks like, have you? Hahaha! A little kid boasting. Although, it’s also not weird if you have not. I heard that no one has seen his true face. I reckon he doesn’t want anyone to see it. After all, he’s very famous. Everyone worships him like a deity, and he appears very imposing and awe-inspiring. If his face is wrinkled like a dry raisin, it would smash people’s image of him. I’m very understanding.”

The corner of the child’s lips twitched slightly. “Wrinkled like a dry raisin?! Slandering him like this behind his back, aren’t you afraid he’ll punish you for your fault when he gets wind of it? Even if he just casually made a move, it would be enough to annihilate your soul.”

“I’m just speaking the truth. If his face wasn’t hard to look at, why would he wear a mask? Since his hair is very beautiful, he must have grew it long because he was afraid others wouldn’t be able to see his waterfall of fine black hair, giving the impression that he is very young at first glance.”

The child “…”

This inference was too brilliant. He admitted defeat.

He didn’t think that he would once again be arguing with her over an unproductive topic. He glanced at her once more with a smile that wasn’t a real smile, then shut his eyes, becoming completely silent.

Ning Xuemo felt that his smile contained a much deeper meaning. However, she was unable to guess the meaning in such a short time.

Although the person in her arms had the appearance of a preschooler, his expression gave out a kind of enigmatic feeling. It made her mind feel cold and her scalp numb…

At first, she still doubted whether he was a ginseng spirit or not. At present, she was almost certain and had no doubt about it, since how could a real little kid be so mature?!

Right now, the full moon in the sky was already moving to the west. Ning Xuemo knew that in about four hours, the sky would brighten again!

At last, she climbed to the top of the small mountain. From there, she was able to gaze down but was then startled!

Below the mountain, there was a big lake. The lake’s size, shape and peripheric landscape was exactly like the one she just left!

Could it be she went toward the wrong direction?

Ning Xuemo ran to another side of the mountain, then looked below. Her head buzzed!

‘Even on this side, the view is exactly the same!’

In the end, this natural workcraft of Gods must be intentionally made based on the principle of a mirror. Did she actually came across a ghost misdirection phenomena?

“Hey, what’s going on with this?” Ning Xuemo wanted to shake the child in her arms.

The child’s eyes were closed and appeared to be already asleep. From the start, he had no interest paying attention to her.

“If you don’t open your eyes, Big Sister will use her knife to redraw your face.” Ning Xuemo threatened him by pressing the blade on his face.

The same as before, the child turned a deaf ear.

Ning Xuemo smiled coldly. “You’re really not afraid? Hehehe! Then, don’t blame me for being cruel. First, I’ll draw a tortoise on your left cheek. Then, I’ll slash a pen*s on your right cheek. I guarantee your beauty will take another turn. Your face will be beyond unique, and people will come and watch in awe…” Chapter 183 – On The Same Boat (3)

The little child appeared to cave under her threats. He finally opened his eyes; however, he only spoke a few words which did not infuriate Ning Xuemo. “This place is inside a restrictive barrier. No matter where you go, it will be the same. Before the restrictive barrier disappears, you cannot exit this place.”

Ning Xuemo became less angry, but at this moment, she almost fumed with rage. “You already knew it was like that?! Why didn’t you say it earlier?!” He made her waste four hours of climbing to a mountain while carrying another person!

“You didn’t ask. I thought you were just bored and wanted to climb the mountain for fun.” The little child’s answer made her want to give him a good spanking.

Ning Xuemo, “…”

She really wanted to grab this rotten kid and smash him to death with a stone!

As a matter of fact, she pretended to do so. Only, she didn’t use a judo throw on him, rather she dropped him.

He was dropped next to a mountain stone, while she sat on it.

“You told me you could send me out of the Ninth mountain!” Ning Xuemo’s voice carried a sinister tone.

“Hum! I did say that. But that’s on the condition that you release me.” The little child replied unhurriedly.

That old subject of conversation was brought back again. Ning Xuemo smiled coldly. “You think I’m stupid? If I release you, you will escape without trace again! Perhaps, you will even plot something behind my back.”

The first mistake was pardonable, but if the situation repeated a second time, it could only be regarded as stupidity!

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