The Psionic Shield he produced was not only broken. It was so thin that it neared transparency. Even a 7-eight yr old pupil could very easily shatter it, what more them, who had passed [Gaia]’s rookie evaluation.

The bumpkin would certainly constantly expertise “destruction”, but it was unattainable to have “establishment”. It was anything they had completed in excess of thousands of occasions of practice, so how could this bumpkin obtain it inside of 72 occasions?

There was no doubt that he would suffer the bitter taste of failure 72 times! And the taste of defeat would slowly be augmented into a sense of oppression. With the final straw, the bumpkin would completely collapse. It could assortment from him losing his self confidence to in no way recovering.

“This is what Hisith does greatest. He very first provides the game participant immense hope, then he would shred the hope bit by bit, leading to despair to slowly emerge out of the layers of hope.”

The seated Lingcun muttered to himself. He looked miserable as the unacceptable predicament that was infinitely nearing on actuality started to seem in his thoughts.

“Be it the price tag paid for the scenario Hisith made, or the quantity of hard work placed into it, Shi Xiaobai has previously reached the level of ‘favorite’ in his heart. And a ‘favorite’ toy will be totally ‘played to brokenness’. This is the very core of Hisith’s games.”

“Hisith would like to fully ruin Shi Xiaobai! Then the game is definitely not that simple. He still has a trick up his hands!”

Lingcun’s pupils constricted as his heart skipped a beat. He looked at the stage the place Shi Xiaobai was filled with fighting spirit, and Hisith who was beaming. He bit at his thumbnail, as his handsome encounter looked twisted, mind overloaded from thinking.

“Quick believe. There need to be a way, there should be some way. There must be a solution I did not think of. Hurry. Swift consider! I will give you all my brain cells, so hurry up and think of a solution!”

Lingcun’s eyes had been red as his teeth clamped more difficult.


The sound of his thumbnail being broken sounded.

At the very same moment, Hisith’s thrilled voice resounded, immediately drowning out Lingcun’s ideas.

“Then allow the game commence! In the first wave of attack, let us commence with the weakest weakling to start off the gongs of war!”

Hisith reached into his pocket, taking out a little notebook. He flipped by way of it swiftly as he murmured, “Allow me seem for it. Let me see what name the weakest minor toy amongst this batch of [Annihilation] rookies has.”

Following flipping for a moment, he ultimately stopped at a distinct page. A joyful smile suffused along the corner of his lips.

“I discovered it. This batch’s weakest rookie. His identify is-Chen Lingcun.”

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